Learn the secrets of Afterlife

Everything a player needs to know about character development strategy.
Tips and tricks for effective play.

Each player has to pass initiation in order to become familiar with all the elements of the game. Then, once the rites of Cleansing, Avulsion or Union have been performed, the player can join one of the forces. There are three opposing sides in the game: Light, Darkness, and Nature.

Contest between the Great Powers

Once a week the opposing sides come together to determine the winner for the next week. Everyone who fights on the side of the winner gets huge bonuses and strength. At this moment the world of Afterlife soaks up the energy of the winning side and its followers may recharge using this energy.

The fights are with real players. The player has 24 hours to destroy more monsters than their rivals can in the same time. For winning an open fight, the player gets 20% of the spiritual dust of their opponents, 50% of their spiritual essence, and their team gets an additional point in the overall standing. The side that collects the most points becomes the winner of the week. All the winning participants are awarded their bonuses before the next open battle takes place.


To participate in the Contest between the Great Powers, you press the button with the crossed swords. Inside, the player will find a countdown to battle. If the fight has already started, the player has to confirm that they wish to join the battle and overcome their opponents.


Each adversary has unique characteristics, actions and appearances. You have to find the fastest way to destroy your adversary.

All the new monsters appear in the player’s card library. There, you can learn all the details about them.

Types of adversaries

  • Weak
  • Ordinary
  • Strong
  • Champion
  • Leader

Many adversaries command the powers of the elements

  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Poison
  • Lightning