Learn the secrets of Afterlife

Everything a player needs to know about character development strategy.
Tips and tricks for effective play.

Character Attributes

By destroying monsters, a player earns spiritual dust and experience that can be used to improve their attributes.

Main attributes


  • Increases dealt damage
  • Boosts health
  • Prolongs the state of fury which increases critical hit rate
  • Improves protection from enemy attacks


  • Improves concentration and agility
  • Increases critical hit rate


  • Improves stamina
  • Multiplies damage caused by natural elements
  • Increases the power of special abilities
  • Improves precision

Additional attributes

Stamina — The player uses stamina when performing special attacks and casting spells

Physical damage — Ordinary damage caused to the adversary

Health regeneration — The speed at which vital strength is recovered


Stamina regeneration Stamina recovery rate

Magical damage Damage caused by natural elements and special attacks

Damage to leader Extra damage that is only inflicted on the leader

Special abilities’ power (activated by holding down your finger on the screen) Improves the all-around performance of special abilities

Immunity to elemental magic The higher the level of these attributes are, the less elemental damage that is inflicted upon the player by their opponents

Immunity to physical damage Reduces physical damage sustained from adversary’s attack

Immunity to stunning Reduces the chance of getting stunned

Invincibility against damage caused by natural elements This attribute allows the player to avoid suffering any damage caused by natural elements

Invincibility against physical damage This attribute allows the player to avoid suffering any physical damage

More spiritual dust Makes it more likely that luminaries will fall out of vanquished adversaries

Health restoration Makes it more likely that health-restoring red luminaries will fall out

Increased likelihood of destroying opponent’s armor Makes it more likely that your adversary’s armor will be destroyed

Increased likelihood of avoiding special attack Makes it more likely that you will avoid an adversary’s special attack

Increased likelihood of healing after death Restores 25% of your health after death

Increased likelihood of destroying a Death Mark Makes it more likely that you will destroy a Death Mark

Additional spiritual dust when adversary receives a blow Ensures that luminaries will fall out at every blow dealt to an adversary

Vampirism Allows the player to take back some of their adversary’s health during an attack

Fury A state in which the player strikes combined blows

Concentration The higher the concentration, the faster you may assume a state of fury

Critical hit chance Increases the likelihood of delivering a critical hit

Critical hit power Increases the power of a critical hit

Resilience Increases your ability to resist damage caused by natural elements and an adversary’s critical hits

Agility Increases your ability to avoid a hit

Precision Increases the likelihood that you will hit the enemy

Accuracy Your hits become more precise and your movements become more agile

Fury/Combined hits/Concentration

A series of taps (rapid tapping) increases the level of concentration. When the indicator bar is full, the player enters a state of fury and strikes combined hits. Combined hits increase the amount of damage that is dealt. The damage can be dozens or at times hundreds of times greater than that of an ordinary attack. When the state of fury passes, the damage returns to normal and the level of concentration starts growing until the indicator bar is full again. Then everything repeats.



Damage decreases
by 30%.

For a time, the player cannot attack

On fire
Additional damage is sustained

Health gradually deteriorates

Resilience and the ability to deal a successful hit are temporarily reduced

For a time, the player cannot attack and resilience is reduced