Learn the secrets of Afterlife

Everything a player needs to know about character development strategy.
Tips and tricks for effective play.

Death Mark

If the player’s vital energy is coming to end, then they will get a Death Mark.


  1. Reduces the prize and experience received for destroying adversaries. Reduces the adversary’s health by 10%
  2. Reduces health by 50%
  3. Increases damage by 10%


These are spiritual emanations that fall out of monsters in the form of flying shiny objects. There are different types of luminaries. Red ones contain life itself; once they give it away, they turn white. White luminaries contain spiritual dust and, once they have given this away to the player, they disappear.

Red luminaries — restore vital energy

White luminaries — top up one’s spiritual dust.

Spiritual dust and spiritual essence

bottle-customSpiritual dust
These are particles of spiritual matter that serve as the game’s currency. Each player may improve their attributes and perform miracles by visiting the Miracle Store.


dust-customSpiritual essence represents a huge amount of spiritual dust that has been turned into plasma. High-value in-game currency.

Real money — A special source of strength from another world.


Urns are containers in which prizes are kept. Urns fall out of enemies. A player may unseal an urn at once and get a small prize, or do so after a set time and get a large prize.

There are three types of urns, which differ by their waiting period before they offer up a large prize and the prizes they offer:

Bronze urn
3 hour waiting period before the large prize

Silver urn
8 hour waiting period before the large prize

Golden urn
24 hour waiting period before the large prize

The Miracle Store has special waiting slots in which to place urns. At first, the player has two slots at their disposal, but that number may be increased to four.

If all the slots are occupied, then any urn that you pick up will be unsealed at once.

The Miracle Store

The place where you make game purchases.
You can perform various miracles by spending your available creative resources, that is, spiritual dust, spiritual essence or real money (a source of strength from another world), .

Urn storage slots
These slots are needed to store urns if the player chooses not to open them immediately.
The player will receive a bigger prize after they place an urn in this slot for a predetermined period of time.

Additional slot 1
Additional slot 2

Additional card in hand
The player will be able to take 1 or 2 extra cards from the deck

Slot 1
Slot 2

Additional card in deck
The deck limit will be increased by one card.


Spell of the Ire of the Ancients. Summons the power of the Ancients for 40 seconds. They can strike many blows and make the player invulnerable.

Ability to summon luminaries. The player will get spiritual dust by summoning many white luminaries.



The player gets five random cards. There is a small chance of getting a rare card.

The player gets five random cards, two of which will definitely be rare ones.


Urns with essence


Bronze urn

Silver urn

Gold urn


Bronze urn

Silver urn

Gold urn


Bronze urn

Silver urn

Gold urn


Watch a vision
The player can receive 3 essences by watching an advertising video. After watching a video you must wait 10 minutes before you can watch another ad.

The rite of Offering to the Ancients
The player performs a dangerous rite and sacrifices 70 or more cards for a chance to get a giftstone.

Level indicator
The level indicator shows your current, future, and previous levels. If desired, the player may switch to a previous level. It will help you gain experience and gather up the strength necessary to continue on your way.