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Signs are special battle states.

Each sign has a slot for giftstones. Depending on the selected giftstone, the slot adds a unique set of features to the sign.

Pick a unique combination to overcome all the obstacles.



The player can land rapid hits by holding their finger down on the screen. Rapid attacks cost stamina. Once your stamina runs out, you cannot use special abilities until your stamina is restored by 30%. The attack sign increases the amount of damage dealt and the likelihood that you will achieve a critical hit.



By holding their finger down on the screen, the player activates a protection barrier, which is impenetrable until their stamina runs out. Protection increases health, regeneration capacity, and immunity to physical damage and damage caused by natural elements. While this sign is active, stamina cannot be restored.



The sign allows you to cast different spells, including for attacks, defense, and those that are connected to natural elements.


These include very rare artifact stones that were left by the powerful spirits of ancient times.

There are eight types of giftstones and six rarity classes.

Which contains the constancy of the ancients

Which contains the wisdom of the ancients

Which contains the perfidy of the ancients

Which contains the hate of the ancients

Which contains the strength of the ancients

Which contains the fury of the ancients

Which contains the fierceness of the ancients

It is very difficult to come across giftstones. You have to seek them out in the urns of the ancients. There is also a chance, though very small, that a giftstone will fall out of an enemy. Also, the player may perform a risky rite of Offering to the Ancients by sacrificing their cards.

Cards with monsters

Enemies in the game are represented by cards. The color of the frame indicates the monster’s element.

Magical cards

Special spell cards. They fall out of fallen monsters and busters.

The cards differ by their rarity:

Card mechanics

The cards found by the player end up in a deck and are shuffled. The player can take a random card out of the deck, and then this card ends up in their hand. To use a selected card, you must manually drag your selected card onto the battlefield. A hand is able to hold three cards. Later on, a player may get the ability to hold up to five cards in a hand.

You need to wait for the desk to recharge before drawing from it again. The deck has a card limit; if it is depleted, the recharging time will be longer. The more cards in the deck, the longer the recharging takes.

Each time a player draws a card, they get some kind of a bonus.